Fruit Trees‘Big News! There is a whole new way of planting fruit trees in the backyard!

For years we have been growing fruit trees in our backyards as the farmers grow their trees in the field. This is a great method if you want commercial production in your backyard, but the average home owner can not possibly use that much fruit! Besides, backyard space is a precious commodity nowadays. I don’t want to waste 1 square foot!

White Forest Nursery has over 150 varieties of fruit trees in stock – most of which you will never find in the grocery store. So how can you get many different kinds of fruit in smaller backyards? The answer is the 3-in-1 Plantings.

By planting 3 fruit trees in the same hole (see diagram) and angling the trunks slightly outward, you are able to have 3X the variety of fruit in the same space.

Maintenance is easy because you can prune your 3-in-1 just like it was a single tree.

Being able to choose 3X the kinds of fruit in your backyard is awesome! There are a couple of really cool things you can do:

3X the varieties:

Orange – Lemon – Lime 3in1: Orange juice, lemonade, and limeade all in the same space!

Plumcot – Pluot – Peacotum 3in1: All my favorite delicious varieties that I can’t find in the store!

White Peach – Yellow Peach – Donut Peach 3in1: Why not have all three??

The possibilities are endless!! It is completely up to you which varieties you would like to enjoy in your own backyard!
Oranges All Year Round!!!

Morro Blood Orange – Valencia Orange -Cara Cara Navel Orange 3in1:

This 3in1 combination is fantastic for my orange loving palate! This combination starts with the delicious Morro Blood Orange ripening in Early Spring. Then its just a short wait until I can enjoy a sweet Valencia Orange on a hot summer’s day. After that, I can’t wait until late fall when my Cara Cara Navel Orange comes into season! I am in love with my 3in1 and the delicious oranges I get all year! YUMMMM!

Be sure to speak with one of our team members to help you plan your 3in1 fruit’s ripening times so that none of it goes to waste!

Also try planting 3 trees in the same pot for an evergreen and amazingly functional patio accent piece!!!