Christmas Trees Lot

Christmas Tree Lot!!


Welcome to the 2018 Christmas Tree Lot at White Forest Nursery.

We have so much to choose from:


noblefirNoble Fir
These needles turn upward, exposing the lower branches. Known for its beauty, the noble fir has a long keep ability, and its stiff branches make it a good tree for heavy ornaments, as well as providing excellent greenery for wreaths and garland. Long considered an excellent Christmas tree because of its beauty, stiff branches and long needle retention.

Available in heights:
2ft to 12ft
Also in table toppers, 2ft/4ft





grandfirGrand Fir
The Grand fir is one of the tallest firs, reaching heights of 300 feet. It is easily distinguished from other Pacific Northwest firs by its sprays of lustrous needles in two distinct rows. They are usually horizontally spread so that both the upper and lower sides of the branches are clearly visible. The needles are 1 to 1 1/2 inches long with glossy dark green tops and two highly visible white lines of stomata on the undersides.

The Grand Fir Christmas tree produces a beautiful, thick foliaged and is known for its strong fragrance.

Available in heights:
4.5ft to 9ft




douglasfirDouglas Fir
These soft needles are dark green – blue green in color and are approximately 1 – 1 ½ in. in length. The Douglas fir needles radiate in all

directions from the branch.

The Douglas Fir Christmas tree is the most popular, having long soft blue-green needles and a sweet fragrance. Resilient and economical species Plantation trees have excellent symmetry and density Flexible, medium weight branches make the Douglas fir customer friendly for transport and set-up A favorite for display and decoration, branches lend themselves for use as sprays, garland and wreaths.

Available in heights:
4.5ft to 9ft



nordamnnfirNordmann Fir
A Nordmann Fir tree is a great way to create an unforgettable, magical Christmas! Unparalleled in beauty and and durability, Nordmann Fir Christmas trees have been popular in Europe across the ages and are gaining even more popularity in the United States.

The Nordmann Fir Christmas tree, or Abies nordmanniana, has excellent needle retention qualities offering you a perfect choice for your holiday decorating needs. Impress your guests with the Nordmann Fir Christmas tree that is ensured to look good and stay fresh with proper care.

Available in heights:
5ft to 8ft



tree-treatmentFlocking and Fireproofing

Fireproofing is required for trees used in businesses, lobbies, etc. Flocking is only available in white. You can choose the texture; light, medium, heavy or only the tips. Due to processing, drying time and the weather it could take 24-72 hours until the tree is ready for pickup or delivery. If you have a stand, bring it with you so it can be put on the tree before flocking. Let the lot attendant know your flocking needs and they will get you the appropriate flocking fee.




tree-standTree Stand Options:

  • Rebar stand, available in Medium (36”) or Large (48”). White Forest Nursery Rebar Stands receive FREE Installation for Life!
  • Medium and Large Rubber Tips available to protect your car for transportation and your floors at home. Just ask the cashier for pricing.
  • Wood stands available in Medium (2’x3’) or Large (2’x4’).
  • Water bowl available for either rebar or wooden stand




tree-treatment2Tree Preservation:

  • Keeps-It-Green: A preservation fluid specially formulated for Christmas trees. Include with water in tree-stand water bowl. Located near the checkout area.
  • Tree Moist: Christmas Tree Granules. Stores water, reduces waterings for fresh cut Christmas trees and reduces spillage.
  • Cloud Cover Liquid Plant Protector from Easy Gardener: Helps seal in moisture reducing watering needs by slowing transpiration. Up to 12 weeks of protection in one use.




tree-disposalTree Disposal:

Heavy-duty, white plastic, Christmas Tree disposal bags available in 8’ and 10’. Just ask the cashier for pricing.

Visit Kern County Waste Management for 2017 Tree disposal information:






Tree Trimming & Ornaments:





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