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Now is the BEST time to plant Shade

Reduce Those Power Bills

With our days getting cooler, many trees are beginning to show their spectacular fall color. Autumn is a great time to plant trees because the ground is still warm enough to promote root growth without the stress of summer heat watering requirements. Plus, a tree planted in fall will be able to take advantage of winter and spring rains and be fully established by next summer, enabling you to benefit from the cooling effect its provided by its shade.

When planting your tree, consider how it might provide the maximum shade effect for your home. A shade tree planted on the east side of your home will block the heat from the morning sun. Planting on the west and/or southwest side of your home shields the hot afternoon sun. And finally, a tree planted on the south side of your home can provide year-round sunblock protection. All three examples will help to keep your home cooler in the summertime.


If you select a deciduous tree, you will benefit in the winter from the opposite sun shielding effect. Minus the foliage, the sun’s rays can shine through the empty branches and help you warm the inside of your home. You certainly can’t argue with that!

Along with the energy benefits, shade trees provide beauty to your landscape year-round. They offer habitats to birds, squirrels and other backyard urban creatures. Trees increase the value of our homes and the beauty of our neighborhoods. They also give back oxygen to our environment. If you choose a deciduous tree, pick one with majestic winter form.

When you plant your shade tree, do not plant it too close to your home, patio or walls. Remember, many of the best shade trees grow to heights of 30-50 feet and taller, which means they will also have a good spread and substantial root systems. So come on in, and our staff of nursery experts will help you pick out the perfect shade tree(s) for your home. Then get ready to enjoy their fall foliage and the pleasing shade they will provide for many summers to come!

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