5 Reasons You Should Jump on Planting Bareroot Plants this Month in Bakersfield

2018: Amazing Bareroot Trees, Roses, Fruit and Shrubs

5 Reasons You Should Jump on Planting Bareroot Plants this Month in Bakersfield

  1. Bareroot are Less ExpensiveAvailable for a Limited Time Only
    Since bareroot plants go to sleep in winter, right now is the only time they can be sold without soil around their roots. So don’t wait! As soon as it starts to warm up – bareroot is gone until next year.
  2. Bareroot are Less Expensive
    From roses to fruit trees and berries to shade trees – you can expect to save around 20-50% OFF the prices the same plant goes for in a container with soil.
  3. Bareroot are Easier To Plant
    Sometimes plants in containers get a little hefty – especially the bigger ones! It gets to be a real chore lugging those things to and from the car and into the planting hole. That’s another reason bareroot plants are so great! They weigh about 50% Less than the ones in containers!
  4. Give Your Plants a Big Head StartGive Your Plants a Big Head Start
    Get these plants in the ground the sooner the better! They might be asleep right now, but as soon as it starts to warm up, they’ll have a big head start and be ready to grow if they are already planted.
  5. Biggest Selection of the Year
    Right now you’ll find the biggest selection of the year for roses, shade trees, fruit trees, flowering shrubs, flowering trees and berries. Some varieties we only bring in 5 of each and when they’re gone – they’re gone!


CLICK HERE for a full variety list of 2018 Bareroot Fruit Trees, Roses, Shade Trees, and Berries!

Bareroot Season is an amazing time!

This is an amazing time of year when the weather gets chilly and plants are going to sleep. Dormant plants like berries, roses, fruit trees, and shade trees may not look like any more than a twig with roots, but they have some tremendous potential!


The term “bare root” is given to dormant plants we bring into the nursery this time of year without any soil around their roots – hence they have bare roots! Bareroot is done only in Winter because this is when these plants go dormant – not requiring much water or nutrients and can stand to be out of the ground for a little while. Be Careful! They still have to be watered to keep the roots moist! At the nursery, we keep the roots buried in moist sawdust so they don’t dry out.




These are some of the plants we have in bareroot:
Roses Over 250 varieties!
Fruit & Nut Trees – Over 125 varieties!
Shade Trees Berries, Veggies and Grapes!

CLICK HERE for our instructions on how to Plant Bareroot with the White Forest Nursery Success Pack.

Did You Know? Bareroot Trees & Shrubs are watered a little differently after planting. When planting your bareroot tree or shrub, you’ll want to give it a heavy heavy watering (like you’re planting it in mud). After that, DON’T water it again until you see about 2″ of new growth.

Don’t freak out when we start pruning away at your bareroot fruit or shade tree! We are doing your plant a favor! By pruning your tree now, we are encouraging more root development – an essential thing for your new tree.

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