Fruit Tree TLC

Fruit Tree TLC

Feed deciduous fruit trees now. Even though most of the varieties are done with fruit production for the year, it is important to add the strength to the tree for next year’s crop. Use the Nutri-Paks for fruits and nuts. These great packets will feed your trees for 3 full years. You will see your trees explode with growth and fruit production.

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It's Pruning Season

To Prune or Not to Prune, That is The Question

It’s Pruning Season

Pruning is the act of selectively trimming plant material in order to direct growth. It’s done to promote better flowering or fruiting, accentuate a plant’s natural form, and increase its vigor.

For the majority of plants, the best time to prune is in late winter to early spring; a dormant plant is less likely to have a stress reaction to the removal of limbs and foliage.

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Curb Appeal

You Have Only One Chance to Create That First Impression

As more homeowners relandscape gardens, there is an increasing desire for something out of the ordinary. This is a direct departure from the traditional foundation shrubs that came to be the standard look in most front yards of the 70’s and 80’s.

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Dont hit snooze on your green friends

It’s time to wake up your garden

Don’t hit “snooze” on your green friends

As spring makes its debut in Bakersfield, it’s time to start preparing your garden for warmer months. But what exactly does this mean? Here are just a few of the steps you should take right now:

  • Remove debris, pests, and weeds
  • Plant bareroots, seeds, and other new plants
  • Trim fruit trees, shade trees, and roses
  • Spray plants with dormant oil and copper spray (last chance!)
  • Create a garden plan

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