4 tips to help you pull off a better event in Bakersfield

4 tips to help you pull off a better event in Bakersfield

Whether you’re planning a customer appreciation event for your business or preparing for your annual Christmas party, there are a variety of ways to take your Bakersfield event to that next level.

Here are a few pro tips and helpful suggestions to help you plan your next major event in Bakersfield.

Event Decor

Event DecorWhen planning a party, your theme is important. But many people don’t know where to look to find affordable props and decor for their big day. However, you might be surprised to learn that you can find incredible items for your next Bakersfield event at the most inconspicuous places.

For example, here at White Forest Nursery, we offer a variety of items for rent or purchase. From a real-life princess carriage and fire-breathing dragon to large pumpkins and beautifully decorated arches, we have it all.



Table Arrangements

With a few simple table arrangements, a new light will shine on your event, and your get-together will suddenly appear more sophisticated and highly organized. Don’t forget, however, the theme is important, and these arrangements should reflect your event’s primary focus.

Here are a few interesting ideas to get you started in the right direction:

  • You can use color-coordinated flowers from a local florist to capture the spirit of your Bakersfield event. For example, blue or pink flowers for a baby shower, orange flowers for Thanksgiving dinner, and red roses or poinsettias for a Christmas party.
  • For birthday, Halloween, or engagement parties, dessert platters or bowls could lighten the mood and encourage people to have more fun. To do this, you can reach out to a local donut shop or bakery or even take a stroll down the candy aisle at the dollar store.
  • Maybe you’re throwing a large dinner party or hosting an event for a local charity. Either way, we’ve seen a lot of people start implementing board games or “toy” bowls as table arrangements. Whether it’s a bowl of Legos or a pack of Uno cards, board games are bound to make any event more memorable.



Food is a huge hurdle when planning events and parties. Even a simple dinner for a family of 10 can be a stressful undertaking — so imagine trying to cater food for a 100-person party or trying to organize food for a week-long event.

At this point, hiring a local catering company in Bakersfield might be worth the investment. In fact, you might even save money. This is because you’re less likely to waste food and more likely to plan an event that more people want to attend.

Here are a few local caterers in Bakersfield:



If “memorable” is what you’re going for, then custom printouts could go a long way.

Imagine a menu created with themed dishes for your Halloween party. Or consider large, cut-out graphics attendees can use to take selfies while they’re at your event. These items are simple touches that can inspire big moments.

Here are a few local options for Bakersfield printing:

Events are a wonderful opportunity to build your brand, bring together the community, or simply catch up with old friends. The suggestions above should help you make your next event a great one. If you’d like to learn more about our party decor for rent or purchase, please give us a call at 661-366-6291.

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