Plan for your Rock Garden

Plan for your Rock Garden

With Proper Planning and Preparation, You Garden will Grow…but not the rocks.

Regardless of whether they are created out of desire or necessity, rock gardens provide a unique opportunity to tame difficult landscape terrain or add interest to a garden setting. Whether set in naturally rocky terrain or in a manmade area, there are a couple of considerations that will add to your overall success.

Because of the relatively shallow pockets of soil, water can drain away very quickly. The most exposed and shallow places are excellent sites for planting drought tolerant creeping or trailing plants, especially where they can cascade over a ledge. Plants that prefer a little more moisture will be happier around the base of the rock garden, where water will not drain or evaporate so quickly.

Many rock garden plants are beautiful bloomers, so you can enjoy loads of color throughout your rock garden. The plants suggested below are mostly sun lovers. If your rocky site is in a woodland or other shady area, our staff of nursery experts will be happy to make suggestions for substitutes.

Every rock garden is a unique setting. The rule of thumb is to plant single plants of separate varieties for smaller space gardens, and groupings of three or more of particular varieties for larger areas. Anytime is great time to plant a rock garden, so we invite you to come into the nursery and get started today. We promise you’ll have a rockin’ good time!

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